Off Grid 21 KW Solar Energy System, 21 kW Solar Kit with (2) 12kW Solar inverter and 32.4 kWh LifePO4 Battery Bank, Off-Grid Solar Kits
Off Grid 21 KW Solar Energy System, 21 kW Solar Kit with (2) 12kW Solar inverter and 32.4 kWh LifePO4 Battery Bank, Off-Grid Solar Kits

Off Grid 21 KW Solar Energy System, 21 kW Solar Kit with (2) 12kW Solar inverter and 32.4 kWh LifePO4 Battery Bank, Off-Grid Solar Kits

21,760 W

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      • 1. Quantity: 64 Tier-1 solar panels, each with a power output of 340W.
      • 2. Power Conversion: A solar inverter/charger with a capacity of 12 kW.
      • 3. Energy Storage: Consisting of six battery banks, each with a capacity of 5.4 kWh.
      • 4. Enclosure: Durable Durarack enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.
      • 5. Panel Mounting: Employing Solar solar panel racking for secure installation.
      • 6. Enhanced Safety (Optional): An available module-level rapid shutdown add-on, exclusively needed for roof-mounted solar setups.


this kit will produce 23,000 – 36,100 kwh per year and can deliver up to 24kW of power at one time. When operating without the grid, this kit will power light electrical loads like:

  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Computer
  • TV
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Large Well Pump
  • Air Conditioner
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Electric Stove/Oven
  • Electric Clothes Dryer


      • 1. **Hybrid Functionality**: The Solar Inverter/Charger seamlessly supports both AC and DC coupling, enhancing flexibility in energy management.
      • 2. **Power Continuity**: With a 126 Amp capacity, it enables smooth transition between grid or generator power sources, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
      • 3. **Instantaneous UPS**: Capable of transferring power within just 4ms, it guarantees glitch-free performance during switching.
      • 4. **Optimized Solar Harvesting**: Featuring 4 MPPTs, it accommodates various solar panel orientations, maximizing energy capture.
      • 5. **Remote Accessibility**: The system offers remote access and control through a user-friendly app, empowering convenient management.
      • 6. **Battery Safety**: An integrated 250A Battery Breaker/Disconnect enhances safety during maintenance or emergencies.
      • 7. **Efficient Energy Storage**: Utilizing Premium Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) Technology, it boasts an impressive 98% Round Trip Efficiency.
      • 8. **Enhanced Battery Performance**: An integrated Battery Management System ensures balanced functioning of battery cells, prolonging their lifespan.
      • 9. **Seamless Communication**: The closed-loop communication system fosters effective interaction between batteries and the inverter/charger, optimizing overall system performance.


      • Solar Panels - 25-year warranty
      • Inverter/Charger - 5-year warranty
      • Batteries – 10-year warranty


Presenting the versatile and comprehensive hybrid solar power solution, capable of effortlessly managing diverse energy demands. Link this 16 kW solar and battery amalgamation to your electrical network for a convenient residential battery backup remedy. Alternatively, establish it as an entirely self-sufficient system to furnish power to remote off-grid locales.

Distinguished by its state-of-the-art design, this hybrid inverter excels across various solar applications, encompassing grid-tie, off-grid, and battery backup systems. It boasts an intelligent mechanism that instinctively identifies grid connectivity, facilitating seamless transitions between on-grid and off-grid operations.

Contained within this pre-engineered solar kit are the fundamental constituents required for your personalized solar endeavor. The kit encompasses solar panels, a power center, mounting apparatus, batteries, and a secure battery housing.

Everything You Need for a Complete Installation

When you order solar kits from us, you don’t just get a box of parts. You will receive a custom solar panel layout unique for your home, step-by-step installation guides, free technical support from a professional, permitting guidance, rebates and interconnection.


Our products have obtained certification through the most rigorous and authoritative verification procedure, ensuring an unequivocal assurance of 100% quality.

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