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Ensure Uninterrupted Power with Solar Battery Backup

When the main power grid fails or a natural disaster strikes, having a solar battery backup system in place guarantees a continuous power source. In times of grid outage, this system automatically detects the disruption and seamlessly switches your solar setup from relying on the grid to utilizing backup power.

 Safeguard your home against outages by using the solar battery backup kits.

Add Reliable Battery Backup to Your Solar Setup

the solar battery backup kits provide you with all the essentials to power your home and maintain daily operations during grid failures.

During normal operation when the utility power is on, your solar panels generate electricity, effectively reducing your energy bill. However, if the grid power goes out, the backup battery bank activates, providing power to your crucial electrical appliances.

For those residing in harsh climates or areas with an unstable power grid, a grid-tied solar battery backup system offers peace of mind and uninterrupted living through power disturbances.

Lower Your Utility Expenses with Solar Battery Backup

Integrating solar battery backup into your setup can significantly cut down your utility costs. By storing surplus energy produced by your solar panels, you can utilize this stored energy during peak hours when electricity rates are highest. This financial advantage is available to all solar system owners.

What's Included in The Solar Battery Backup Kits?

1. Solar Panels: Convert sunlight into electricity. Size your solar panel system to offset your entire monthly energy bill. Our grid-tie solar kits include high-efficiency solar panels supported by a 25-year performance warranty.

2. Hybrid Inverter: Transforms solar panel DC power into AC power suitable for household appliances. Our solar battery backup kits feature inverters designed for both grid-tie and battery-based applications.

3. Battery Bank: Stores the excess energy you generate. During grid outages, power is drawn from the battery bank to operate essential loads. The battery bank size determines the appliances you can power during outages, from minor essentials to entire home backup.

4. Racking: Our grid-tie kits come with durable Solar XR roof or ground mount racking materials, certified and backed by a 20-year warranty.

How does solar battery backup function?

When utility power is available, the system behaves like a standard grid-tie solar setup, channeling excess electricity into the grid. During power cuts, the system detects the outage and switches to the battery bank for continuous home power.

What's the appropriate battery bank size?

Determine which appliances you want to run during outages, calculate their energy consumption, and size your battery bank accordingly. Custom kit design services are available to assist in this process.

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